Export Adobe Analytics data in R

Published on 6 March 2020


Analytics tools such as Adobe offer great interfaces to analyze and visualize data. However, if you want to perform some more statistical or complex analysis, you may want to extract the data to analyze somewhere else. Even for users with a limited technical knowledge, R can help you to extract big amounts of data out of Adobe easily and quickly.

Key takeaways

  • You will learn how easy it is for the digital analyst to start using R.
  • Get to know the R Studio interface.
  • How to install the "RSiteCatalyst" package - and learn what a package is.
  • How to extract your first table using the Adobe Analytics API in R.

References and resources

Academy Instructor

Lara Vandooren

Digital Analytics Consultant

As a Digital Analyst I will support and amplify the MultiMinds team. I like to explore new and creative ideas that can help us with meeting our client’s satisfaction.

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