An introduction to Graph Databases for the digital marketeer

Published on 23 May 2019


You might have heard about a Graph Database once or twice. They are really gaining traction and it's one of the fastest growing database technologies. But what can it do for you as a digital marketeer? In this video I'll introduce you to the concept of graph databases and go over a couple of use cases.

Key takeaways

  • Graph Databases are designed to work with a graph data model.
  • Entities in a Graph Database are called nodes.
  • Relationships between entities are called edges.
  • A Graph Database uses a specific query langauge like Gremlin or Cypher.
  • Graph Databases can uncover relationships that traditional databases can't.
  • Marketing attribution and recomendation engines are good use cases for a Graph Database.

References and resources

Academy Instructor

Nicolas Lierman

Chief Data Engineer

Nicolas is the Chief Data Engineer at MultiMinds. He has over 16 years of experience in marketing and online data. He's also an instructor at the training academy and teaches at the university.

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