Should you build your own analytics platform?

Published on 10 March 2020


In this video we will take a look at the benefits of creating your own analytics platform. And why it might be a better choice for your company than going with one of the big vendors. What are the advantages of building your own platform and how does it compare with solutions like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics.

Key takeaways

  • Building your own analytics platform only makes sense for large businesses and enterprise companies.
  • The marketing team tends to go for the safe choice because they know it, it's safe and they have no technically skilled people.
  • The choice for an analytics platform is usually not part of the overall data strategy, which is a costly mistake.
  • Building your own analytics platform has some big advantages over going with one of the main vendors.
  • In the end, it might be the best choice for your company, giving you a strong competitive advantage.

References and resources

Academy Instructor

Nicolas Lierman

Chief Data Engineer

Nicolas is the Chief Data Engineer at MultiMinds. He has over 16 years of experience in marketing and online data. He's also an instructor at the training academy and teaches at the university.

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